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    Our new customers: OOO "Big Dutchman", LLC "AgroInvest" - the largest suppliers of equipment for poultry and livestock to Russian companies.


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About the company

Audit and Consulting Group “NSK” consists of several companies that provide professional services in audit, consulting, accounting, tax management accounting.

ACG “NSK” is rapidly growing in the market for audit services.

Our main asset is our employees. We employ highly qualified auditors with years of experience in large companies of audit inspections in various sectors: manufacturing, construction, trade, communications and non-profit organizations.

Intuition, ability to think analytically and long-term training allow our auditors to quickly identify problems, inaccuracies, errors in the accounting records and documents, to provide timely assistance in their elimination.

The companies that we work with don’t have difficulties with tax and financial controls because all inconsistencies and risks will be taken into account beforehand.

Quality audit, carefully tested accounting statements have positive impact on the investment attractiveness of companies and create the necessary conditions for obtaining loans.

Our team of professionals is ready to take on all challenges of accounting, tax and management accounting, providing support during tax audits, conduct Due Diligence, transformation of financial statements according to International Financial Reporting Standards, accounting and tax consulting and human resources services. 

We are attentive to customer requests and respond quickly.

We do what we promise without reducing labor costs, provide results by deadlines established by the contract, services are provided in good faith and expeditiously.

We are responsible for the results of our work. The civil liability of auditors is insured by Insurance Company “RESO-Garantiya”.

We are ready to help you.


Korolkevich Natalya Sergeevna,

                                                                                                                             General Director NSK LLC