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Questionnaire to conduct audit

Company name:

Location of company:

Period of audit:

Number of steps during audit:

Data for the audit period:


Start of operations of the company:

Balance sheet for the previous reporting period (in thousand roubles):

Proceeds of sales for the previous reporting period (in thousand roubles) by type of activity:

Balance sheet profit for the previous reporting period (in thousand roubles):

Total number of employees:

Number of employees in accounting:

Foreign economic activity:

Export (specify type of product):

Import (specify type of product):

Loans, their number:

Loans in foreign currency:

Presence of housing facilities, nonproductive shops on the balance:

Presence and number of branches and separate subdivisions:

Capital construction works:

Provision of (obtaining) services of renting property, leasing:

Transactions in securities:

Tax benefits (specify):

Software used for accounting:

Date of last inspection by the tax authorities:

Purpose of audit:

Previous auditors:

Auditor's report for two years preceding the audited period:

Preferred period of audit:

Contact person:

Contact phone number:*