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 Consulting in Accounting:

v  verbal consultations by phone;

v  written consultations on accounting, including non-standard situations;

v  assistance in preparation of financial statements, including drafting of explanatory notes;

v  analysis of accounting policies; detection of discrepancies with legislation or applicable accounting methods, development of recommendations for adjustment and change of accounting policies;

v  development of accounting policy for accounting purposes;

v  scheduling of document-flow, development of primary documents;

v  examination of contracts and local acts;

v  monitoring of news;

v  seminars on topical issues of taxation, accounting and civil laws;

v  legal advice on application of civil law, tax law and labor law. 

Taxation Consulting:

 v  consultation on taxation including analysis of arbitration practices;

 v  assistance in preparing tax reports (returns);

 v  tax registration;

v  development of Accounting policy for tax purposes;

 v  development of tax registers;

v  analysis of taxation of business projects taking into account the value of tax implications;

v  examination of tax risks in the commission of certain transactions;

 v  support during tax revisions. 

Due Diligence:04

v  Legal Due Diligence;

v  Fiscal Due Diligence;

v  Tax Due Diligence;

v  Operational Due Diligence;

v  Marketing Due Diligence;

 Consulting on Personnel (HR)

v  HR audit

Verification of compliance with labor laws, registration of labor relations and personnel documents, presence and correctness of local acts: including verification of registration of decrees regarding employees.

v  development of recommendations to improve performance, to optimize structure of the organization and to enhance staff motivation;

v  testing of candidates to fill vacancies of accountants, evaluation of financial service staff;

v  accounting and preparation of accounting (financial) reports in accordance with Russian Accounting Standards;